Date: 2019-03-16
Time: 09:00
Location: The Yoga Room at Babassu, Langstraat 13-15, Wassenaar

Yin yoga for stretch & stress release NEW! Saturdays 9-10.30

€ 100

This is a 4-week investment in self care. The course is for everyone (from beginners to advanced practitioners) who is is interested in the practice of body & mind connection and who needs to stretch and open up the body. You will be guided into a deeply nourishing practice of self-care. The stretching and mindful movements of your body will deepen the sense of a more balanced and focused self, a more flexible and open body, mind and heart that will leave you relaxed yet energized. In yin yoga, poses are held 2-5 min. We target the deeper layers of connective tissues (facia) while focusing on the breath. We use bolsters, blocks and straps, always gently guided to accommodate your need.
Class dates: March: 16, 23, 30. April 6
Only 8 spots available

Please contact for more details