Yin yoga is a quiet, more passive form of yoga where we mostly lie or sit still in positions for several minutes. The goal is to reach a relaxed state of body and mind so that we can stimulate the connective tissue and the flow of energy in the body's meridians.

Yin yoga is characterized by stretching the body's tissues but also twists and positions that compress our deeper layers of tissues and structures will increase blood and energy flow to the target area.

Yin yoga works on many levels. When we let our body find the physical form that best stimulates the target area in your individual way, we observe what happens. Perhaps with some help through guided mental breathing exercises, we can practice the acceptance of idiscomfort and listen to what signals from the body and mind enter our consciousness just in this moment. Sometimes you feel that it is your physical body that feels limited and clearly communicates this. Other days you may experience something completely different, that it is your thinking body that is more challenged ... or the emotional body that expresses something and wants to be heard. The form of training is thus both physical, mental and emotional. No matter what you meet, in what state you are, you will learn to become an observer of your thoughts, feelings and body. At these moments, in the gap between thoughts and interpretations, you become one with your breath and a thorough recovery with a balanced and conscious presence has started.