To me, yoga is much more than a class that at best affects both your physical and mental body. Yoga is about a way of being, an attitude towards life, your fellow human beings and yourself - A journey of transformation.

When you close your eyes, find your breath and turn your gaze inwards, you meet yourself. Here starts a lifelong work that basically involves finding your balance between  acceptance and change, relaxation and strength, ease and efforts.

We all need to find a way to accept and honor ourselves.  

When you turn your eyes inwards and listen to the true status of your body, your thoughts and your feelings, you get in touch with your true innermost self. With a curious mind you start to discover, change, improve, renew. You discover your truth. It may be about thinking patterns, behavior patterns, relationships with yourself and others.

And with practice you find both strength and peace here.  When you practice listening without reacting, looking without analyzing, staying without rushing to a solution or running away from discomfort, something big is happening.

Slowly you begin to accept who you are, within your discomforts and limitations. Eventually you find forgiveness towards yourself and others and a sense of peace and gratitude evolve. A lifelong healing process has started.  

You hear your inner voice, your own intelligence, guiding you to wise choices that will support a lifelong, sustainable journey with yourself as your travelling companion. With yoga, meditation and mindfulness, we heal ourselves from inside out. Our health is strengthened and we find a long lasting, sustainable well-being that we can share with others. Together we create a better world.

Lena Brodin